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Through her expressionistic, gestural figures, Masha Ermeeva transcends complex emotional and psychological states, exploring such themes as transformation, femininity, and relationships. 

Studying at the Art Academy in Russia, Masha recieved intense traditional training and developed a strong understanding of human figure proportions. After she relocated to the US, she graduated from FIU with BFA followed by the studies at Sotheby's Art Institute and MA program in Modern and Contemporary Art at Christie’s in New York. Her diverse educational and cultural background allowed Masha to develop a unique artistic style, recognized by broad, loose brushwork, monochromatic palette, textures, and a sense of movement. 


"Expressing myself through artistic medium, I touch upon such themes as transformation, emotional states, and identity. Life is a movement, a shifting reality that I attempt to transcend in my paintings through abstracted figurative subjects. 

For inspiration, I refer to the timeless beauty of nature and human form, simplicity in design, natural palettes, and textures.. " 

M. E. 

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